How important secondary optics design is in led applications

Due to the variety and complexity of lighting requirements, based on the principle of light distribution, we use the optical transmission design with traditional design method. Then  secondary optical design is published according to its feature of unique light distribution, it meet the national lighting standard , and reduce the design complexity, which is used LED flood light or LED street light design .

The basic function of secondary optical design is to make light source spread out, next to gather the light in a smaller range. Now it is used material with silica gel lens, optical lenses PMMA lens, PC lens and the glass lens commonly, etc.


Considering the transmittance, production efficiency, manufacturing difficulty, heat resistance and processing cost, PMMA lens is widely used in many fixture and become mainstream increasingly, its light transmittance can reach 93% . You know most of LED flood light adopts the PMMA lens, its advantages is high thermal conductivity, small light failure, light color purity, no ghosting, and high brightness.

Then let us deeply know the optical lens design. It’s said that the designing idea of the traditional lamp is band coefficient method, which is under the condition of known light distribution and target light distribution, divided the target lamp into a series of light band according to appropriate view, so each band has a corresponding band coefficient, corresponding to the light source is also divided into a series of band, also to calculate the flux in the band, so it’s too difficult for us.

Lens simulation software to establish the secondary optical lens entities, and entities need to be given material properties and surface properties, according to the previous analysis, PMMA lens is the main product material. Surface feature corresponding to the light transmittance of the material, the penetration rate of 3mm thickness generally can reach about 93%, and the material of different wavelengths of light refraction properties is relatively uniform,when tracing, using a single wavelength to improve the efficiency of

The LED light is used in different field. For instance, the LED flood light is installed on the wall for passers in the night.Due to the influences of light source, a normal light maybe easy to form a glare and round without the light distribution. In order to solve this problem, need to improve the light distribution of LED, it means that should design a secondary light distribution. At the same time, you know people prefer to warm white,if it is required the light penetration in fog days, so the light need yellow spectrum to create a better lighting environment for people.

Actually, the purpose of secondary transmission design is to meet the application requirements by changing the light beam angle and light distribution . The secondary optical lens design can solve the problems of LED flood light and LED street light,just like the light efficiency/the light uniform/the angle of light distribution/glare and safety effectively etc. Of course, the secondary optical transmittance lens still has a reference significance to realize green lighting.


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