7 ways to ensure led fixture light quality

7 ways to ensure led fixture light quality

The high-power LED demand is more and more prosperous , also the LED quality requirement need higher than before, mainly reflect in the following 7 aspects:


1.International testing standards- AQL

The LED light’s detect standard is classified with four grades:

1.1 Slight: LED bulb function is normal, but it still have a little flaws in the appearance and other aspects, AQL=2.5;

1.2 Genera: LED can work properly, but it’s also affected by its defect function.AQL=0.4;

1.3 Serious: LED can’t work properly, it seriously lacks the relevant functions.AQL=0.15;

1.4 More serious : LED isn’t work at all, and maybe happens security risks, so it isn’t followed to appear in the market.AQL=0.


Other is our experience summary.

2.Forward voltage test

The forward-voltage range is within the permissible range of the  circuit design, then the forward-voltage size will directly influence the overall circuit parameters, so it is a hidden trouble for product quality. In addition,for the circuit power requirements, want to ensure same luminous efficiency, the forward voltage is more lower is more better.

3.Luminous flux

LED user is care about Luminous flux measure, and knowing their LED Luminous flux range, so ensuring their product brightness uniformity and consistency.

4.Reverse leakage current test

Reverse leakage current is injected a certain voltage which should be lower than the required volume.During operating, Static electricity, led chip quality and other factors can lead to high LED reverse leakage current. It also a hidden trouble for LED product quality, may having LED dead lights phenomenon.

5.Main wavelength

For monochromatic light LED, the dominant wavelength is an important indicators to measure its color parameters, and it directly reflects the human eye visual perception on the LED light.

6.Color rending index

The CRI is related to the object discoloration extent from the light directly , it’s very important for the LED products.

7.Relative color temperature

For the white LED, color temperature is a parameter that often be measured by its color industry, and it can directly show up whether the LED color tone is warm,cold or right white.



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