LED chip introduced

The LED chip types

1.MB chip definition and classification

MB (Metal bonding)chip belongs to UEC patent product, the characteristics is as follows :

The heat dissipation materials is local part, Si as substrate, thus it is cooler easily.

Thermal Conductivity as follows :

GaAs: 46W/(m • K);

GaP: 77W/(m • K);

Si: 125 〜150W/(m • K).

Cu: 300〜400W/(m • K).

SiC: 490W/(m • K).

The epitaxial layer and the substrate are bonded through the metal layer, at the same time the photons are reflected to avoid the absorption of the substrate.

The conductive Si substrate replace GaAs substrate because Si has good thermal conductivity, and it is more suitable for high driver current field.

The bottom is metal reflective layer, which can promote the brightness and improve heat dissipation.

Size can be increased, applied in high power areas, such as 42milMB.

2.GB chip definition and classification

GB(Glue bonding) chip belongs to UEC patent product, he characteristics is as follows :

A transparent sapphire substrate replaces a light-absorbing GaAs substrate, its light-emitting power is more than two times higher than the traditional AS chip,then sapphire substrate is similar to TS chip’s GaP substrate.

The chip shine all around and has excellent pattern, also its overall brightness has exceed the TS chips(8.6mil).

Double-electrode structure, the resistance of high-current properties slightly worse than the TS single-electrode chip.

3.TS(transparent structure) chip definition and classification

TS bonding chip belongs to HP patent product, the characteristics is as follows : :

The chip process complexity is much higher than the ASLED.

It has high reliability.

Transparent GaP substrate, which doesn’t absorb light and has high brightness.

It can be widely used in many field.

4.AS chip definition and classification

The AS chip, China’s Taiwan LED optoelectronic industry for this type of chip development, production, sales, has been mature after nearly 40 years development efforts.

Mainland China chip manufacturing started later, there is a certain gap in LED brightness and reliability to compare with Taiwan industry. Let’s look at the AS chips from UEC: such as 712SOL-VR、709SOL-VR、712SYM-VR、 709SYM-VR, the characteristics is as follows :

Four-chip, which adopt MOVPE process and more brighter than the conventional chips.

It has good reliability.

It can be widely used in many field.

Light-emitting diode chip epitaxial materials include:

LPE: Liquid Phase Epitaxy ,GaP/GaP。

VPE: Vapor Phase Epitaxy ,GaAsP/GaAs。

MOVPE: Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy ,InGaAlP、GaN。

SH: GaAlAs/ GaAs,Single Heterostructure ,GaAlAs/GaAs。

DH: GaAIAs/ GaAs ,Double Heterostructure,GaAlAs/GaAs。

DDH: GaAlAs/ GaAlAs, Double Heterostructure,GaAlAs/GaAlAs。