Chapter 1—-LED Basics

LED lighting not only growth of the LED lighting industry, but more important is that plays a model role. In the Olympic venues and urban landscape lighting it is excellent performance of LED lighting had widely used. In 2010,China LED lighting industry had raised with a new development,2014 around the peak . With the lack of the global energy and environment requirements, both the 2008 Beijing, 2012 London and 2016 Rio Olympic Games, regarded “green energy” as their own topic, which promoted the development of a great historical opportunity for China’s LED lighting industry.


In 2014,Apec in china,”Kyrgyzstan water” has been applied to the environment layout, APEC will mark the landscape device, the device base to use the “Kyrgyzstan water” pattern. The landscape is 10 meters high, 8 meters in diameter, diameter 4 meters deep, with LED bulbs more than 33,000, colorful night, the landscape installation is completed, it attracted many people to take pictures.


In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,the opening ceremony attracted the global audience attention, which in addition to the show crowd , the most notable is the LED Science and technology.Including the central floor of the LED large screen, the performer who use LED decorative lights, the LED light source in any space, etc. Estimated the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, which had used about 20 million LED number.


In 2012 London Olympic Games,lighting more energy efficient.LED light is the coolest using LED-backlit seats, the Olympic audience can watch the light follow the  music Rhythm. Before the race starting,International Convention and Exhibition Center of the lighting was upgraded, more energy-efficient lighting, before the old fixtures was the previous 35pcs-400W high pressure sodium lamp (HPS) , upgraded fixtures installed 14000pcs- 150W LED light.

In 2016 Rio Olympic Games, what are the special requirements for the lighting project of Rio Olympic Stadium? Olympic venues lighting will have more stringent functional requirements, which mainly related to engineering design. Such as the diving project in swim venues, glare control, the platform and springboard need to set some lighting to eliminate the shadow,to focus on diving pool and so on. Therefore, Chinese enterprises can get these Olympic projects, not only the product quality recognition, but also is the engineering design capabilities recognition.

Now introduce the LED basic infolighting principle, led classification,led-chip, led packagingdevelopment and LED lighting design should pay attention to technical details,and so on.